Abteilung Des Intensive Sorge In Der Bewusstlosigkeit (CSIndustrial 1982 – 2010)

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Abteilung Des Intensive Sorge was one of Jaroslav Palát’s many ventures into experimental and industrial music, which included projects like Disharmonic Ballet, Quarantaine and Suicidal Meditations.  The “Abteilung Des Intensive Sorge In Der Bewusstlosigkeit” (English: Department Of Intensive Care – In Unconsciousness) album was released in 1988 and was the last of the three recordings using the Abteilung Des Intensive Sorge name.

The title, “In Unconsciousness”, is illustrative of the record’s mood and tone, with Jaroslav Palát building upon his earlier experiments with sound loops, (like in his earlier project, Disharmonic Ballet), with the added range of sounds provided by a Korg synthesizer. Rhythmic structures appear and disappear into more and more layers of sound, some slowly morphing and disappearing, others ending in a disturbing cacophony. Sounds are modulated in compositions reminiscent of blurred reality, just as we may perceive while unconscious or in deep meditation. These vivid, richly textured materials arranged into anonymous compositions can be considered as the first attempt to create music with psychedelic effects within the Czech industrial scene.


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