Vladimír Hirsch – “Synthetics – Themes” (CS Industrial 1982-2010)

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Vladimír Hirsch (born July 3, 1954) is a Czech composer, instrumentalist (pianist, organist, keyboard player, vocalist), and sound experimenter, integrating industrial and dark ambient music with modern classical composition with a genre overlap conception. His composition style is characterized by polymodal architectonics, polytonality and the usage of digital technique to enhance sonic means of expression, where modern classical elements fuse within experimental soundscapes.

Recorded in 1986-1987, Synthetics – Themes album is one of the first records where Vladimir Hirsch neglects the compositional scheme of classical music and moves on to conceptual structures typical of the ambient and experimental synth music of late 80ties.

This album, re-released on the CS Industrial label, includes a previously unreleased bonus track, “Selenium” (1989), an experimental aleatoric piece for synthesizers, drums and percussion (V. Hirsch – synthesizers, percussion, J. Škoda – drums), with a somewhat industrial feel, mainly due to the use of atypical percussion elements.

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