Escort girl in Milan
07 Feb 2021

Give up control and surrender to my provocative combination of sensory deprivation, complemented by flawless attention to detail and decades of wickedly creative experience. Open your senses as I bind, tantalize, and torment you.

From the lightest caress to deep, penetrating strokes, my aim is to take you deeper and farther than you have ever gone before. As a Domina, I have decades of experience in the “darker arts” of BDSM. I specialize in Corporal Punishment, Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, and a wide variety of Bodywork. I believe that BDSM is a valid path to self-discovery and healing, and that submission can be a path to the Divine.

Tall, lovely, university educated escort in Milan, I have an amazing smile, a wicked wit, and a deep commitment to providing the highest possible experience for you. Humor, compassion, intuition, and integrity are integral to my work.

I require a brief telephone chat with you to see if we’re a good fit before booking your session. Please include your telephone number and a good time to reach you in your initial email introduction.